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Cobus Kleynhans is an experienced clinical psychologist. He has gained over thirteen years of experience in delivering psychological assessment, treatment, and support, across the developmental spectrum and in a wide range of clinical settings, to a diverse client population. He has spent ten years in London undertaking specialist training in the techniques and practice of brief therapy and systemic couples and family therapy.

His approach to therapy and to the goal of facilitating change is deeply shaped by an interest in important developments in modern philosophy, especially those that are most relevant to contemporary psychology. In particular, he has used significant insights from the philosophy of language and knowledge to develop a therapeutic practice known as transformative dialogues. Transformative Dialogues is a practice that focuses on generating new possibilities for the positive and productive activity that is, helping individuals, couples, and families to get unstuck.

What is the role of Clinical psychologists in Health Care?

Clinical psychologists use psychological therapies and procedures to help clients overcome problems such as anxiety, depression, challenging behavior, neurological disorders, addiction, etc. Clinical psychologists will evaluate the client’s behavior and needs via observation, interviews, and psychometric tests. 

They are experts in knowing how people think and behave with good research skills.  They will reduce the patient’s psychological stress in people with mental or physical health problems.

Clinical psychology is the highest level of training in the assessment, formulation, diagnosis, and relief of psychological problems or disorders whether they are mild, moderate, severe, chronic, or complex.

Clinical psychologists will provide practical advice about eating, sleeping, exercise, and other ways to manage the side effects of mental health problems or psychological problems.

Find a clinical psychologist near you to get psychological treatment of mental health problems like anxiety, trauma, suicidal thinking, alcohol and drug addictives, gambling or gaming problems, Insomnia and other sleeping disorders, ADHD, autism, behavior problems, etc. Like this, there are endless problems you can get rid of with Clinical Psychology.

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