Dr Raghu Sankar

Dr Raghu Sankar

Dr Raghu is our full-time Medical Practitioner, he has warm friendly manner and has patient-centred approach.

He enjoys diverse areas of general practice and  has a special interest in  Cardiology, Child Health, Musculoskeletal Problems, Family Health, Chronic Disease Management and Geriatrics.

Dr Raghu is trained in Occupational Medicine from Monash University and he takes care of work related health issues, Work Cover and conducts Pre-employment Check.

Dr.Raghu has great interest in the roles that life style measures play in the physical and emotional health.He has completed ‘Advanced Mental Health Skills training for GPs’ and is keen in managing psychiatric issues.

In early stage of his career, Dr Raghu worked in Cardiology in the Tertiary Care Hospital of Calicut Medical College, India, from where he graduated. He is experienced in all aspects of Cardiology including Ischemic Heart Disease, Rhythm Disorders (Arrythmias) and encourages Preventive Heart Health Check. Currently, Dr Raghu is doing a research in Heart Failure.

Out side of work he enjoys music, arts and travel. Being a trained singer he takes delight in performing with local musicians. Raghu is an avid cinephile and regular attendee of International Film Festivals.

Dr Raghu wants to genuinely help everyone to lead happier and healthier life to achieve long term wellness.

Special InterestCardiology, Occupational health, Child Health, Mental Health, Geriatrics, Musculoskeletal Disease, Family Health
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