Home Medicine Review

Home Medicine Review

What is it?

  • A specially trained pharmacist attends your home and goes through your medicines to improve your medication outcomes.


  • Avoids hospitalisation’s
  • Education available
  • Improves patient compliance, knowledge, understanding and use of medicines
  • Improves self-medication management
  • Prevents future medication misadventures

Is there a cost?

  • No this is a completely free service

A Home Medicine Review may benefit you if:

  • You take 5 or more medicines
  • Recently been in hospital
  • Had a change to your medications
  • Decline in medical condition or abilities
  • Take medicines which need monitoring
  • Take medicines that can interact with other medicines
  • Feel unwell when you take your medicines
  • Difficulty using medication-related devices including inhalers or injections
  • Inability to continue managing own medicines due to changes in dexterity, confusion or impaired vision.
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Amanda Nematalla

(B.PharmSci M.Pharm AACPA). www.medicinemingle.com.au
Credentialed Pharmacist